AutoRun Architect

AutoRun Architect 2.2

Quickly and easily create professional AutoRuns for your CD/DVDs
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Quickly and easily create professional AutoRuns for your CD/DVDs. You can create AutoRuns that run quietly in the background or a graphical AutoRun that you design just like a any standard web page. You can manage multiple AutoRun projects from within the program. Each AutoRun can Launch one or more files automatically; Install software to load your document (ex. Acrobat Reader for PDF documents); Display a license agreement; Display a Splash Screen and/or Sound; Install unlimited number of software packages. You can also customize the icon for the CD and secure the contents of the CD. AutoRun Architect includes a complete help manual, technical support and powerful wizards. You can test your AutoRun as you build it without cutting a CD. AutoRun Architect runs on all Windows versions and fully supports Microsoft Windows XP including Themes.

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